Kvant P-3.9mm RC(F) Series Indoor front service SMD Die-casting alu cabinet with CE, Novastar A8 Receiving card

Novastar A8s recieving cards - main functions :
Support for HDR.
Support for low latency.
Support for 18Bit+. 
Support for ClearView. 
Support for LVDS transmission (Supported by dedicated firmware program). 
Support for smart module (Supported by dedicated firmware program). 
Support for quick seam correction. 
Support for 3D function. 
Support for auto module calibration. 
Support for Mapping function.
Support for pre-stored image setting of the receiving card.
Support for module Flash management. 
Supports monitoring voltage and temperature of itself without using other peripherals. 
Support for monitoring of Ethernet cable communication status.
Support for 5-pin LCD module. 
Support for image rotation in 90° increments.
Support for screen rotation at any angles.

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