ScreenBeam 960A Presentation System

Artikelnummer: DS-SBWD960A

EAN: 789286820549

The ScreenBeam 960 enterprise-grade wireless display receiver gives Windows, Android and MacOS users the flexibility to present from anywhere in the room. Windows 10 users can interact with content on a device from a front-of-room touchscreen via touchback.

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Designed for large businesses and campuses, ScreenBeam 960 also supports the rich capabilities of Windows Ink native in Windows programs. ScreenBeam 960 comes complete with ScreenBeam Central Management System (CMS) software to support the remote management of ScreenBeam devices at scale, providing enterprise-class security and manageability that IT departments need. With the ScreenBeam 960: - Speak or teach from anywhere in the room - Collaborate wirelessly with interactive touch screen support - Interact with audiences and content in real-time - Get meetings started quickly, switch presenters seamlessly - Increase productivity and collaboration - Take advantage of multiport connectivity and world class audio - Designed specifically for commercial applications and dense wireless environments - Save money, no cables to install - Eliminate cable clutter

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